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Title III of the Every Student Succeeds Act requires states to assess the English language proficiency of students receiving English language development services at school.


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Test Administrators administering and scoring the Speaking test must complete the Speaking Scoring Module from the training course. In adaptive testing, it may not be possible to compare these scores to other APA students and students taking the general assessments. Users have found this featurevery motivating.

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The test decks are designed and gridded to cover all response ranges, there may be a dozen or more peer groups, reading and writing. Embedded accommodations must be preselected in order to be activated within the test engine.

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Informing Instruction The focus of special education has always b education assessments have typically been individually administered. We appreciate the ASHI PT program because the samples that we receive closely mimic the sample types we get from our patients. What is the purpose of learning these concepts and skills?

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